April 26th, 2009


(no subject)

Two good gigs attended in a week, without resorting (argh, sori..) to going to windy towns in the North Sea coast. I liked Abney Park (better than their records, even though the sound, in true Slimelight fashion, was terrible). Had a good time at the Slime gig but, having been there since 7:00 o'clock, ended up not making it to any of the other things happening last night, including a couple of birthdays and Vagabonds. In the end, I stayed at the Slime until 1:30 and came back home. I would like to say that this enabled me to have a full night's sleep and I am refreshed and awake now but -you know it, it is not true.

And the weather report may have got it wrong. It looks sunny and bright outside. For now.