May 6th, 2009


a little sleep...

.. is all I need. Spent the last couple of nights coughing, yesterday getting up early to go teach in Watford, today a whole lot earlier still to go pick up a friend in Heathrow.

Ok, have to get the flat-buying (or part-buying) thing going, somehow... after three or four weeks and much running around, filling in forms, interviews, etc.I still haven't even got started. And I have to find a school in London that wants me as their guitar teacher. Thus far I've been quite happy earning very little money (very little money indeed) -as long as I can make music, keep the computer and the car running and have a beer with friends now and again I'm quite happy. But soon I will have to increase my income to levels slightly more decent...

Lessons later, Gothsluts' meet at the Big Red tomorrow night, Fuze on Friday night.

this is also a little test, crossposting across Dreamwidth and Livejournal. Not sure that is a feature I'll end up using, seeing how the whole Loudtwitter thing has unfolded, but it might be a useful one in certain circumstances.