May 27th, 2009


pictures from last few days

Trying to find other stuff to think about, I notice I hadn’t put a note here about photos and events in the last few days, so here goes:

kittylist; and silkyraven;’s birthday drinks at the Elixir on Bank Holiday Monday (facebook)

ms_jinxme;’s Alice and Red Queen birthday picnic in Hyde Park (facebook)

Just a very few pictures taken during my very brief stay at SlaughterHaus5, last Saturday (facebook)

With lfreia; down the South Bank on Saturday.. (facebook)
(yes, bring in your giant robots, you may need them!)

Room available in KTR (again)

Not mine, just yet.

We do have a room available. Rent is 320 + 35 council tax, + bills (which don't really amount to much). Very good location, half way between Camden Town and Kentish Town stations. You know where I am, if you're interested. All my details (phone, email, etc) are on the poster in my profile page.