June 24th, 2009

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Happy Birthday..

aliasrob and scarynic!!

I may have missed some peeps' birthdays (not that I think they're waiting there with bated breath to read my b'day greetings, but still) given that my life seems to have been dominated of late by the flat quest -and given that I'm on my third part-buy mortgage application, etc maybe it is not too far-fetched to call it 'quest'. Mad times. I would easily have got a credit ten times as big two years ago, today it seems nigh on impossible.

Lunch today with combat_kitten, which was nice. It was very good, that is, to see her. Next time I'll try and avoid the chili con cardboard.

One insignificant little problem that I've just thought about: I'd like to go to the cinema more often, I miss so many movies I would like to see, but I can't really bring myself to go to the cinema on my own and I also have such weird working hours (most week-end evenings, for instance, whilst I have a lot of free time in the daytime). Not sure what I'm after with this, but would like to go to see some movies -not on my own and, b, obviously, at times I can actually go without cancelling lessons -any ideas welcome.