July 27th, 2009

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on a sunny monday morning

First thing first: Happy Birthday, _ladylazarus_, prodigious_guy, elijahtc and, slightly belatedly, discoromi, angelusurbanus and gypseymission!! Hope it was all fantastic for all. There'll be a few pics of angelusurbanus's birthday drinks at Big Red at some point.

Today started with arepas adn avocado and lots of coffee, then reading Ulysses (yes, that one) on the tube on my way to lesson. Lesson very good, sun coming out. Promising start.

And, remember next Sunday is:
Alternative Bring and Buy sale, London: Flyer
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Today I've seen the first cockroach in London in the 22 years I've lived here. On the floor of the tube carriage I'm in as I write jthis. About half the size of the ones we have back home. A kid was watching it with fascination as I kicked it away, as gently as I could -I, who must have killed tens of thousands of the things back in Vz. And have a certain degree of phobia about them. An old man produced a specs' case and trapped the thing in it, leaving at the next station with a sort of satisfiedl look in his face...

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