August 10th, 2009


happy mondays ...

First of all, Happy Birthday to laurel_mcjobo, replicantlizard and inferis! Hope your day is full of good things (I'd written 'thongs' first; I need more coffee).

Seem to have missed Lyssa's sci-fi party. I seem to have recognised Apollo and Starbuck amongst the attendants in the photos of the party. Got caught up in doing other things that evening. The previous evening was Blacklist at the Elixir in Eversholt Road, which was very good. I wasn't really in the mood for partying, as I had just had news of a death in the family, but after a while pacing up and down the flat I decided it was better to go out and see people and it turned out to be a good idea. More on all this and a few photos I took at Blacklist, a little later.

In the meantime, out of here to go do a lesson in Covent Garden. A good relaxed lesson with someone who actually practises (well, he reads this so I have to say that:P) so it is a good start for a Monday. Have a good day, all.

modern times

curmudgeon |kərˈməjən|
a bad-tempered or surly person.
curmudgeonliness noun
curmudgeonly |kərˈmədʒənli| adjective
ORIGIN late 16th cent.: of unknown origin

I think I may be becoming one of those. The blasted bank pin card reader died on me so I had to phone the bank on an 0845 number to order a new one; four minutes of recorded announcements on a call you're paying for  before you're given the option of keying in any choices. And they put the phone down on me the first time, so I called a second time and went through all the security james bond stuff but got the mother maiden name wrong (of course I don't use my mum's real maiden name, since you ask), quickly straight away said the right word but they said I only had one chance. So, there was a third  call.....

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