August 11th, 2009


as per instructions

I'm not going to do a poll on this, but would you guess what gizmo I bought this morning, from these instructions for use?: I certainly wouldn't.

-Clamps the Picture the Application Method:

1- Puts the main body PHOTO
2-It's transparent insertion main (for example on chart)

Method A:
a:First about to A green colour part inset lead plane
b;A second about to B plate the base drown a windshield
c:To push C the switch instruct in fixed.
d:Moves the D palace go-between may adjust the angle and the direction wilfully.

.... I think I'll spare you Method B....


one summer evening

Just back in time for lesson at home, having spent a couple of hours with friend who runs the Cross Kings in, well, Kings' Cross, sitting outside on the wicker sofa, watching the sun go down and the clentele arrive for the night's gig, the band's sound check not sounding too bad.... lovely summer evening, the first for a while.