September 6th, 2009


lazy sunday

Yep, lazy Sunday here. Got up an hour ago, just had breakfast. Now, a little walk around the canal, then having a look and possibly sorting out a friend's iMac, one lesson and then just mucking about with guitars and Logic and see what happens. Have a good rest of the week-end, all.

Dark Mills festival was very good, although I did miss Eden House as I was going to djpsyche's birthday party somewhere in the City. Which also was very good, apart from walking miles (well, ok, perhaps a mile and a half) through a London full of drunken shouty louts in the middle of the night to get somewhere I could get a night bus back home. There's a reason why I so often drive, even if it means nursing just the one drink all night.

Ah, and Happy Birthday to _mrx_ and londonjon!