October 2nd, 2009


One Friday morning in North London

Just finished breakfast, looking out the window onto the Forum and the church who offer 'prophetic counselling', maybe I should look into the latter.. Was a bit concerned about making arepas in the new kitchen (redd_foxx used to describe my cooking as 'yes, Flavio is very fond of cooking in an open fire -shame this is on an electric cooker') and set off the fire alarm. Didn't happen, luckily.

Waiting for the man from British Telecommunications, Plc to activate phone line. Then I have a few million phone calls to make to arrange various things in relation to the flat. Then go to the old flat and try to work on tidying up the horrendous mess I left behind and also bring a few more things here.

I'm enjoying new flat. It's almost like civilised life... still sort of tip-toeing around, I haven't taken in yet that this is home now, this is where I live.

ION, Happy Birthday, harold_chasen!!

Prophetic counselling ..

.. maybe I do need that prophetic counselling from the church across the road, to ascertain when the BT man will be here to activate my phone line. The man I first spoke to on the phone had said 8 to 12. When I phoned BT a short while ago (one of the most frustrating phone calls I've made recently) the woman said it was 8 to 1. It is 2 pm now and no sign of them. Do they mean 8 to 12, or 1, in this time zone?

[ Edit ] Second phone call to BT and I'm told that I 'have to wait all day'. Then when I tell him for the second time that I'm seeing on the order tracking page that 'there has been a change in the completion date of your order' he makes me wait some more and says that 'there is a fault in the line..' -he offers to ring me back on my mobile number, which they have, as well as my email address, but no-one has told me at all what is happening. What a farce, and a wasted day.