November 2nd, 2009

dreamscape sepia

halloween week-end

Can't remember at all what I did Friday. Hm, not a good sign, I reckon. Saturday was spent on various errands and, in the evening, 'Vagabonds'. I had planned to go to the Slime after but sense prevailed, as I had a number of lessons scheduled for Sunday. Well, as it happens most of them were cancelled or re-scheduled. It was a very good night, at least for me. Strange to see tubes and streets filled with people dressed in black, black make-up on, etc. Only the white trainers gave them away:P

Sunday then was a bit quieter work-wise than I anticipated. In the evening it was the gig by Faith and the Muse at Dingwalls. And very good it was, if rather very late to come on stage. I liked them a lot. Might even buy their records:P. Took about 600 pictures at the gig, will have to sort them out and do any processing on Friday as the next three days will be quite busy. I think some of the pics might even be more or less good. The only mistake I made (apart from poking djpsyche in the eye when I was going to congratulate her on organising the concert) was to forget that I had to get up at 6:30 this morning.. have I mentioned how much I hate early mornings?

Still no solution to car parking problem, but at least the permit hasn't been revoked so I may have a breathing space while I find a solution. Knock on wood..