November 7th, 2009

zbsg caprica nuke


So, went to Blacklist last night. And a very good night it was. Didn't dance as I was catching up with peeps but could have done -and people were doing. It was quite busy with some faces I didn't know and others I hadn't seen for years.

Then... I went to Inferno. I regret to say that my hopes of getting ID'd because I looked too young were completely dashed. Nobody mentioned photo ID or ID of any kind. Had a thought of asking the staff about this on the way out but they looked pissed off, bored and definitely unfriendly so didn't. So, if there was a door photo ID policy they are dropped it or were targeting it to people looking too young to be there. It was rather quiet at the EB, BTW, so I was wondering whether the stories about photo ID had taken their toll.