November 20th, 2009

slippery when wet

to be expected

I was making my way back from the SlutsMeet up KTR, together with Clive; telling him how much more salubrious and tranquil the top end of Kentish Town Road was than the bit of it where I lived before-and as we approach the station there are a couple of police cars and a van, the police putting out some disturbance and bundling some people away in the van, while a few others (participants or onlookers, I didn't stay to get to know) shouted the usual abuse at them...

Banjo man blues

Walked into Mario's café just now in passing and there's this American blind guy playing a banjo and singing the blues -fantastic. Felt like transported through a time machine to the 1920s... apparently he's playing tonight t the Crystal Palace. Didn't even catch his name...

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