December 14th, 2009

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Good Morning, world...

... and, first of all, Happy Birthday to _noizeboy_, woolykat and morriganhel!!

ION had completely forgotten that I had a change of lesson from usual Thursday early to Monday this week. Never heard the alarm. Woke up at a time when I should have been half way through the lesson. Oops.

Reptile last night was fab. As was cracksmacker and pitufina's party on Saturday. I missed a couple of events that evening, mainly the Neimhan gig/morriganhel birthday thing. I thought I would be able to make both but, alas.

Today should bring a few lessons and some xmas shopping (I'd first written 'chopping'. Freudian...)

Have a good week, folks.

domestic bliss

Ooh, there's a shouting match upstairs, again. And stamping on the floor, and things crashing.

I missed all this fun before, when I didn't have neighbours. It is all very threatening and close when it is flatmates doing the shouty-thingsmashy, but it's the neighbours upstairs instead, so... who cares unless it sounds really threatening (it doesn't) in which case call the police and that's that.