January 2nd, 2010



... from an enjoyable few days in Alicante; NYE was mostly a family affair although there was dance and way too much booze. On New Year day, a family (mostly not my family) meal where, again, I ate too much. Maybe should run to Trafalgar Sq and back a couple of times a day to burn all that off. No, it's not going to happen.

Too late, I fear, to head down to sahra_patroness's birthday do, but just in time for a re-acquaintance with a long hot bath.

Hope all your New Year dos were good. BTW, for those who are reading this in Facebook, it's a livejournal/dreamwidth entry, my preferred outlet for rantings, ravings and reminiscing. Facebook is good for the pictures and the events but not for those, for a number of reasons ...

Anyway, Happy Birthday on this day to that_total_age and sahra_patroness!