January 3rd, 2010

seventhseal chess

through the mist of dreams

Slept nine hours. I needed that. I've been fighting a bug ever since I got off that plane in Alicante; everybody around me seemed to be coughing their lungs out on that flight. Murky dreams of which I only remember the vaguest impressions -of some evil force at work that was the result of natural forces and a sort of cosmic Darwinian evolution rather than the angelic rebellion, and of odd connections between things that are clearly not connected in the waking world. As usual, everything that is so clear in dreams washes away down the washbasin, while you (oh, ok; me) stare at the mirror in disbelief -is this really me? when, how did this happen?

In a day or two real life resumes; getting up at 6:00 to be in that school on time; worry about bills and about what I'm doing in the world in the little time I may have, how I'm doing so little about the things that are important to me. There'll be plenty time for that. In the meantime, I think I just need more coffee. Good morning.