March 13th, 2010


Friday night, Saturday morning

'Departure'  (Flash web site, sori) was very good; catching up with various people, dancing (badly of course, but hey) quite a bit. Didn't take a single photo.

Relatively busy day today, with a new pupil and several other lessons . Some guitar practice and badly needed house tidying should complete the day.  Tonight, probably Reptile (link to Facebook group page).
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chewing the fat

Interesting article in The Guardian on how  junk food is designed so we want to eat more and more of it.  This may or may not be the case but sounds plausible. Now,  I don't think that food manufacturers are out to make us fat, but of course they're out to make money, they'll try to produce stuff we want to eat more of. No conspiracies, just kind of  makes business sense.