March 17th, 2010


the currents of life

 In my teaching room at Watford Grammar, again. It sometimes feels like life is a hamster's wheel or a merry-go-round, you find yourself again and again facing the world from the same corner. Read through  a couple of Bach lute pieces to remind myself how I got into this and why I do it, rather than any of various other things that could bring in more money. 

In the last ten minutes I've received notice of cancellation of five lessons for later this week. This is not good.. I'm still quite busy and one always allows for a certain percentage of cancellations, but all of these in one go is a bit much.

Last but not least! Happy Birthday to giggly_teapot  and, slightly belatedly,  aka_toothbrush  and  dr_yen  (although I don't think either of the latter checks their LJ much these days).