March 24th, 2010

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Ok, the heaviest bit of the week over now. The getting up at six and being on the M1 at 7 is getting heavier all the time -is it possible that I may be getting older?. I cannot give up that school in Watford, though. Not at this point, at any rate. And I'm kind of happy there and, in spite of all, have a very good group of victims er, pupils, on the whole. 

Today I finally made it to the local tiny Italian restaurant, Delicious ( ) and, whatever my expectations were, given the odd idea of putting dry pasta as decoration on the window, it was very good. I  can recommend it, it was very nom nom. I like living in this part of town, have I mentioned that? Apart from the little problemette I have mentioned rather too often..

I still haven't looked at the Budget. Lemme guess... tax on petrol, booze and smoke, what else...