May 16th, 2010

dreamscape with moon 1

picnics, friends' gigs and clouds

Good morning. Well, it's still morning in Venezuela.... slow Sunday morning although the day will pick up pace later when I have to do a few lessons.
The picnic in Hampstead Heath organised by londonjon  was small but perfectly. Left early as I had a few things to do before going to sinbadsilk 'x  Voices of Masada  last gig. Shame, people were only then starting to arrive. I had a good time, though. 

Later in the evening I went to the Slimelight to see VoM's last gig, which I did (and enjoyed), took some pictures and mostly caught up with people like ms_jinxme , dj_alexander , Sarah formerly silkyfish  and Uwe dj_gassmann . All those early mornings, the lurgy or perhaps just the fact that time is passing and I'm not getting younger meant that I had had enough by 2:15  am or so;  watched a bit of one of the bands upstairs but had to leave.  And, clearly, never made it to Invocation. Shame.

There'll be pictures of the picnic and Ray's band up at some point. Also, there were no clouds in this post. There's plenty of those outside as I write this, though.

Reproduced without comment but agreeing completly

David Mitchell in The Guardian:

 "...We already live in a world where, when asked whether we've packed our own bags, we know that saying: "Yes, I put all the bombs in myself!" will not be taken in good humour; where a conversation with a US immigration official must be treated with all the piety of an audience with the pope. We have accepted that facetiousness, like smoking, while not officially illegal, is absolutely not for public places.

Well, I don't remember agreeing to it and I'm sick of it. It's boring, I don't believe it saves a single life and it could do incalculable damage to freedom of speech. I'm serious."

complete article here.