June 10th, 2010

dreamscape sepia

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 The combination of Ibuprofen and antibiotics seems to produce strange, vaguely interesting dreams. In one, Gaius Baltar, the baddie in Battlestar Galactica, was conducting an orchestra but the packing cases for the instruments were between him and the orchestra so he had to jump and gesticulate to try and get the musicians to do what he wanted. In another one, I was in a green pasture, a picnic sort of situation perhaps, and something had gone badly wrong. Then I discovered in the dream that reality could be seen as a sort of computer filing system and I went up the folder hierarchy, finding that there were many, many instances of the same scene with small variations, so I spent some time looking for one in which whatever it was that had gone wrong, hadn't; there seemed to be an endless number of instances of the scene. Then  I woke up before I could find one...
zBSG raider

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Pupil: "... and I had to re-sit Physics"

me: "What stuff you do for Physics?"

pupil: "oh, you know; sub-atomic particles, quarks, for instance.."

me: "you get to do fancy stuff like that? We didn't do that in my time in secondary school."

pupil: "Quarks didn't exist then..."