June 17th, 2010



Sunny morning with early lesson, purple and white flowers in people's front gardens, not a cloud in the blue, blue sky. Also a few lessons cancelled today, being again a few quid from my overdraft limit, those things that were normal for a long time.. Will go to UCLH later to have some blood tests requested by my local doctor, maybe they'll find out whether I'm human -it won't tell what that might mean, though. Still a couple of lessons later. Tonight maybe briefly pub, the Old Thameside Inn in London Bridge for the Goth Sluts' meet. Life goes on.
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and a sunny evening

Hm. Lots of cancellations today. Summer might be a bit  quiet, work-wise.

A little later I should be be at the Old Thameside Inn pub in London Bridge.

Tomorrow, dentist's appointment. Eek.

In the meantime, of course, the world outside collapses in a heap of civil and uncivil  wars, environmental disasters, autocratic governments getting their way and democratic governments not being very democratic at all.  I think I need that pint...
(.. not sure I can have it yet; just finished a course of antibiotics....)