June 19th, 2010

dreamscape sepia


Dentist appointment was .. mixed. The dentist was a nice Portuguese girl who didn't offer to implant vampire fangs on me. She took her time to explain lots of things to me -why do dentists tell you off for smoking when you've just told them you don't smoke? I still got the spiel about how bad it is for you, etc.

Bad news: I seem to have quite a serious problem with my gums, with loss of bone tissue and probably will lose a few pieces. I do not like this, I already have lost too many teeth. She referred me to a specialist to have a look and a more detailed diagnosis to see what can be done.

Today, one lesson and, tonight, featheredwings 's flat warming. 

A couple of photos from last Thursday's Sluts' meet in London Bridge, featuring drreagan , here
Lovely sunset London sky by the river....