July 21st, 2010


getting up

I like holidays. Getting up at 9:00 am sure beats finding yourself 80% asleep, driving up the motorway at quarter to seven ay ehm. Shame my income drops by two thirds in the summer.. oh well, you can't have everything.

Was watching 'The Seventh Seal' two nights ago. You can see all the stitches and yet it still is a masterwork. I likes, sixty years' worth of parodies and lampooning notwithstanding.


Sitting at my pupil's garden in Belsize Park (where there isn't a park), while his young kids (two and four) play  around the boat that for some reason lies dead in the garden. Playing pirates, of course, needless to say. While their dad plays an arrangement of a jig that he's told them is a pirate song... coffee brewing in there, pastels colours in the sky, gentle breeze moving the branches... 
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    pupil playing greenholm jig
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