July 24th, 2010


induction, extraction...

 Went to have a look at the 'new' Kentish Town Sports Centre and joined it. It is opening from Monday. Not sure yet what I want to do with it, apart from probably using the swimming pool and a few bits of the gym, lose a little bit of beer belly  and, generally, try to avoid dying of a heart attack in the next few years. Have an induction about this some time next week.

I also have yet another dentist's appointment. I was resigned to having those two molars extracted but now I have the letter for the specialist's appointment at UCLH so maybe would like to see what my chances of keeping those teeth really are -but cannot keep on taking antibiotics as at present, two courses of a very strong one within one month.

Apart from that, free time is been employed mainly on guitar practice and reading, both of which I cannot seem to do remotely as much as I need during term time. Have been out relatively little, partly because of skintness, partly because I haven't been feeling too well with the tooth situation, partly again because I spend a lot of time talking to my friend in Venezuela and trying to get around the awkward time difference. She's coming over in August. For a month......
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