July 30th, 2010


It's all cooking with gas now

Friends coming over for dinner tonight, so I'll be doing the 'caraotas negras refritas', the refried black bean flavdinner recipe, one of the very few things I cook. Have already chopped some garlic, onion is looking at me balefully from the worktop (that's the bit I don't like about this, chopping onions... I might buy some swimming pool goggles just for that purpose...) and have to go out get a red pepper , some plantainand a couple of other things.

A friend who used to run a well known venue and who is a very good chef just emailed asking me for my pesto recipe. In reality, there isn't a recipe in that I cannot do measurements for toffee -or anything else; it's all, as they say in my village, 'eye percent measurement", but I sent her a loose description of what I do and where it differs from standard pesto -thought I would also post it here, so here it is:

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