August 4th, 2010


now reading...

I've just finished Lee Smolin's 'The Trouble with Physics' and I'm halfway through reading 'Parallel Words' by Michio Kaku. Now, I'm only a musician, only barely managed to pass my maths and physics exams in secondary school (and had to re-sit them a couple of times). These two can't both be right, the arguments by each on why M-theory, string theory in general &tc are either close to giving us an understanding on how the world functions or on the other hand they are just clever but meaningless intellectual games, are compelling in both cases- but for one outside those fields of knowledge it may become an act of faith, not entirely unlike a religious one, in that there is no way that one can verify any of those statements.

The same is of course true of much in the modern world around us, of the information and the news we receive, which are always inevitably biased and coloured by somebody's agenda and, much as we can read between the lines, in the end you have to make a judgment for yourself on what you believe is true, but this will also carry its own bias and the baggage of personal prejudice and personal history, which may make more likely that you take one side or another on issues or distrust politicians or journalists or believe in them (or some of them) or think there was never a moon landing or that the reptilian overlords from outer space are already with us and living in Buckingham Palace Road (whatever happened to that Icke guy?) and whichever of those will seem perfectly reasonable to us but reason will only have played a small part (in some cases a very, very small part) in them.

healthy endeavours

Ok, so went to the local Sports Centre one more time. Decided to upgrade to monthly payment membership -and regretted having done that today; had to waste over an hour, fill in a lengthy form (which it later turned out was unnecessary as they already had my details from the previous pay-as-you-go registration, but I had to follow what they told me and  they didn't seem to know what they were doing and contradicted one another at every step) and had to wait for a replacement membership card to be issued (which turned out to be unnecessary because I already .. you get the idea how this went on). At the end of all that i went in exactly as every previous time, do my programme set by one of the instructors, etc....  apart from the awful, awful music pumping out at full volume (which tends to put me in a mood to kill people or something), all was ok so far...   

Then I get a female instructor approach me. 'Excuse me, you cannot be here dressed like that'. 'Oh? I've been dressed like this every time I've been here'. 'Maybe so, but the rules...' I was dressed in normal clothing, black jeans etc. I had been told that it would be 'better' to wear something loose, but I hadn't been told thus far that it was forbidden to be dressed in any other than leisurewear. Oh, yuk, if you know me even a little you will know how I feel about 'leisurewear and  how I responded now that I had been enjoying their sweet R'n'B trash pop at full volume for an hour. I said send the manager, I want to have a word with him about your policies. She sent a security and I repeated the same thing so they sent a manager. A junior one. Sorry, sir, it is company policy. No, sir, we cannot admit you in future dressed in any other than leisurewear. Yes, sir, we have no control over the music which is programmed and sent to us centrally.

I turned around to look for the telescreens and the  Ingsoc banners. I think I may have spotted one or two.