September 19th, 2010


sunday sunday

Never made it to Tenebrae last night. Instead, found myself at the Slimelight -and a very good night it was; danced like a loon (hopefully not like a dad, since I'm not a dad, although who cares) and had a few very good, if at times a bit intense, conversations and general catching up with people. Not everybody was ok but it would have been highly inappropriate for me to get near... I hope it'll all be ok for them. For my part, I had a very good night. Going to the Slimes only every three or four months seems to work much better for me.

Today, late Sunday breakfast at the Literary Café in Tufnell Park and some guitar practice -and one or maybe two lessons; one yet to be confirmed. After, probably only some more guitar practice and continuing reading 'Why Does E=mc²; by Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw. On the subject of which, I was quite disappointed by the Stephen Hawking Universe program last night on Ch 4. More references to Goldilocks and some wild, wild extrapolations about possible extra-terrestrial life, supported (if that's the right word in this case) by sub-BSG, sub-Avatar like CG. Shame.