January 1st, 2011


new year

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions so you will hear no promises to make amends from me:D I do have a few necessary goals for myself in terms of health and finances and a couple of other things but I wouldn't like to label them as 'NY resolutions'.

I do hope that the new year brings you all good things and happiness -some of you had a very rough ride in 2010, hope that gets better for all.

As to last night, I ended up at the Elixir mostly on grounds that I could walk to the place. It was a very good party, but I went from there to the Slimelight.. mostly because I had bought a ticket. Would have liked to make it to Vagabonds also but you can't be everywhere. It was a good night and saw a fair few people I hadn't seen for quite a while and with whom it was good to catch up. 

As I said, hope 2011 brings you all peace and happiness and all good things.