January 3rd, 2011


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 Last night, attending sahra_patroness 's birthday celebration, I went to some Mexican restaurant in Soho which the owners seem unable to decide whether it's called El Camino ('the road') or el Camión ('the truck', word used in Mexico to denote a bus rather than a lorry). It was good -for once I liked the food, but I spent a little more than I intended -damn Mexican Negra Modelo beer....:P They went on to Garlic and Shots but I was a little tired by then. And skint. Nothing changes there, then. Very good evening, though.

There'll be some pictures at some point.

Today, a couple of lessons and errands and not a lot more. Will try and go to the gym, get some of my accounts for the taxman done and practise some guitar. Well, if I manage to fit all that in ....