February 5th, 2011

dreamscape sepia

awash in a sea of being

 Went to Inferno at the Electric Ballroom. Didn't stay till the end as I had to work today, but had a very good couple of hours dancing away. I needed to do that and so very often I go to those places and spend the time chatting with people -which is not bad and fills another, different need but not that one…

I spend my days either dreading the future or looking forward to it or preparing for it -or, indeed, fretting over not being able to prepare for it. Si it is a good thing once in a while  to be there on the dance floor, in a circle of people I know, letting myself flow with the moment, not being anywhere else, not thinking about what I must do next or what people or the world may do next. Being there just for that moment.


Arrived home from the Ballroom at 2:15 or so. Promptly fell asleep but woke up very early -still dark, and couldn't go back to sleep. So I picked up the ipad and opened the book I had been reading, 'Life of Pi' by Yann Martel which had been given away in Apple's iTunes Christmas promotion. I wasn't too sure about the book because of it having been given away free and the religious connotations that suffuse through it, as well as the hint of allegory always round the corner, all things which tend to put me off. The main scenario of the book is so implausible, so very very implausible… and yet with all that it is a gripping read -at least for me! one has to always qualify those things, as what is fascinating for me may be soporific for you and the other way round, those are the ways of the world.

I'm still half way through the book and Piscine is still shipwrecked in the middle of the ocean in the rather very dangerous company of Richard Parker, the Bengal tiger. If that sentence sounds bizarre..