February 6th, 2011


close of the week-end.

 It has been a good week-end overall. Went to Inferno and danced like a loon for a couple of hours. Daytime was busy both days with lessons, although many were re-scheduled from the  week -but still good that they didn't just fall through. Last night I went to na11e1y ;'s birthday dinner at the Churchill Arms in Kensington, which was both cheap and tasty -always a good combination, even better if in good company. Went with them to Dead and Buried but was a bit too tired so only had one pint (or was it two?), took a few pics, chatted with a few people and went home.

Today... slow late start in the morning, which I needed, leisurely breakfast, gym session (still hate the place but it is good for me, innit) and then busybusy with lessons till quite late. Not too bad overall.

Just learning through  arkady 's  DW  that Gary Moore died today. At my age. And somebody I know from the Apple Mac world had a heart attack and several emergency operations this week. At 36. Eek. Reminders of the thin ice we so carelessly tread...