February 13th, 2011


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goes without any further comment than this verbatim copy and paste of the fifth paragraph:

"So the big society doesn't apply to one area of policy, but many. For example, if neighbours want to take over the running of a post office, park or playground, we will help them. If a charity or a faith group want to set up a great new school in the state sector, we'll let them. And if someone wants to help out with children, we will sweep away the criminal record checks and health and safety laws that stop them"
dreamscape with moon 1

rainy sunday

 Horrible day outside.

Today consisted of breakfast, a bit of pottering round the house, a short session at the gym (knee still sore from fall last week and it wasn't very good to begin with, with the arthritis I was diagnosed as having in it a few years back).

Chameleons/Adoration gig last night was very good. I didn't get to hear the end of the Chameleons Vox set as it got a little bit too hot and stuffy for me -for a good reason: the venue was absolutely packed. Reptile after was very good too, although there was a shadow.

Now off to jackdiablo 's birthday dinner. Should be good.