February 22nd, 2011


half term

Got up at 10:00 am, had a long leisurely breakfast (not big, just took my time eating it), watched the news and a whole episode of Babylon 5, had a chat with my friend in Vz and went to the gym -although the latter not for long as my knee started hurting again as soon as I got on the bike but,  curiously, not on the cross-trainer.  Anyway, I never took that up because I either a) loved gyms (everybody here knows by now...) or, b) with the expectation that I'd become Mr Universe and the girls would chase after me. There is no chance of any of those things. I have more modest goals  with the gym thing.

Pending today: just two private lessons and check out progress report on repair of one of my guitars which I'd bought from the London Guitar Studio and developed a fault. Probably watch another ep of B5 while I practise scales or something. Not a lot more unless something interesting is happening. There is  beric 's  Tuesdays dinner club thing but I'm skint so I'll have to pass on that one.

Isn't it a lovely, sunny warm day? No? No, I didn't think so either.
seventhseal chess

history happens while we have another cup of tea

Watching Gaddafi rambling on on tv. Well, I did for a bit until it got too boring -it was so long and pretty much incomprehensible. And he doesn't seem to realise or understand what is happening around him. I don't know what sort of power and popular base he really may have -probably larger than Mubarak et al and what chances he has but this is probably his last stand.