March 16th, 2011

seventhseal chess


So life goes.

Another week-end came and went, with Invocation on Friday and a birthday celebrated there (pictures in a Facebook album here) and Reptile on Saturday and a double birthday then (more pictures in another Facebook album).

The dizzying kaleidoscope of the world, the horrifying news from Japan, the concerns about the way the gubinment is trying to take us out of the crisis by rewarding the rich and punishing the poor, the counterpoint with my own little problems with minor health issues and the bizarre situation I found myself in in relation to my flat and parking, which probably looks like a small matter but one that would affect my income and could become a serious nightmare, the perennial chase for work, in these times just teaching work as it is clear that I'm just not going to get paid playing gigs in these times. But the other side of the coin is that I'm still quite busy teaching, not as much as I would need to be (in order to save a little and repay debts, etc) but about as much as I can cope with my current energy levels. I'm not going out remotely as much as I used to do only a couple of years back, for various reasons -being more skint is one, but also enjoying being in my flat; the novelty of not sharing with a lot of people hasn't worn off, or perhaps I'm finally getting old (that, too).

I'm currently (and finally) reading 'Solaris' by Stanislav Lem, some cheesy chronicle of King Arthur and the Round Table, some book on dental care and one or two other things.

Life goes on.

And how are you?
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