March 19th, 2011


saturday morning in flavland

 Good sunny morning!

It was a hectic, stressful and tiring  week... which, curiously, ended with me attending a reunion of Glastonbury festival goers at the World's End. Now, I have, incredibly, never been to Glasto. Was meeting a couple of Apple Mac friends who happened to be part of that crowd and who were in London for the  day. It was a good evening with them. I had planned  that, after that and another meet I had after, I would go  home, eat  something and set out for Big Red for Roxy's farewell but... never made it out the door again :/ I even went to bed early -relatively. I'm considering buying one of those 'daylight' lamps and see whether that helps a little.

Today, only a couple of lessons -if it stays sunny (as it's supposed to) might go to the Heath for a while, just because. Still a bit too cold to take the guitar out and practise in the park, though. Before any of that, though, another cafecito from the Lavazza espresso machine.

Good morning, peeps!