April 9th, 2011


on a saturday

11:48 am and still haven't left the house at all. The flat probably stinks of garlic and onion as I'm currently beginning preparations for dinner for [profile] na11e1y and Matt. The usual flavrefriedblackbeandinner. Probably won't make Reptile; we'll see.
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Well, it seems like the flavdinner was a success. At least they survived and I didn't have to call an ambulance. Now, as often is the case, I made too much food and will be living on party food for at least three or four days..

When na11e1y and matt_the_mo left for Reptile... I stayed here, didn't go. There was too much washing up to do, I was already too full of wine. Would have been good to see those of you who went, but it felt like a rather steep hill to climb. Hope you all had fun.