April 20th, 2011


'First' Utility

The gas bill saga continues.

The company, First Utility, was supposed to have sorted out the second 'ghost' account, with different number, according to which I would never have paid electricity or gas in the time I've been here (about a year and a half by now). I'm still getting those bills.

I also received the 'normal' bill for this month. They'd installed a device that allegedly sends meter data via 3G to them. The bill, according to which I spent £80 on gas last month (during which, as an experiment, I was cooking on an electric range instead of the gas hob, there was no central heating use, etc) is an _estimate_, which is supposed not to happen. I'll happily move supplier when this is over but I suspect that wouldn't be the end of it if I did it now. This is turning into something like a Kafka story, or a zombie movie, where when you've think you've killed the monster the hand pops again out of the ground...

wednesday according to flavio

 Lovely time spent at lunch-time with Krisztina walking along the canal,sipping sangría and watching the ducks and the boats. Took a few pictures -should have had my camera, but didn't, so the iPhone's camera had to make do. Will post somewhere at some point.

After that I went to the loathed gym, did a good hour's work-out (not sure why I don't much like that expression, 'work-out') and complained again about the loud music, all good fun.

Right now, making bread -ok, I'm cheating; I'm making it on the bread-machine. Dinner will most likely consist of yoghourt and honey, it's a bit warm to be thinking of cooking.

Tomorrow, the gothsluts meet in the evening after a few lessons. I'm fairly skint by now but I'm enjoying the sunshine and the free time. Hope you all are getting enough of both of those.