April 22nd, 2011

vitalite sun

a good friday

 Good gathering last night for the Gothsluts meet at the Constitution. It really did seem like nearly_everyone   was there. I didn't think that much about the BBQ burgers; they were ok-ish but, having heard amazing stories of curry, was expecting something else. A very good evening in good company, though. There'll be photos. 

Today, a few  lessons and meeting somebody I know from the classical guitar world and many years ago. And, I don't know what else. Anything interesting happening tonight? In the meantime, lots of sunshine, we hope...

guitar guitar

I seem to have gained yet another guitar, a cheap thing called a 'Westville' that my pupil Sue Denim from Robots in Disguise needed to get rid of and which I exchanged for a couple of lessons. This is another dreadnought, steel-string guitar, probably wholly made of laminate. It's kinda ok, but I don't know yet whether I'll keep it; the Epi H-Bird is actually a much better guitar. At least it is the right colour...(black:P). Action is ok, a bit high for my liking.