May 24th, 2011


a long day

 Finally finished my last lesson. This was a very very long day, starting at 5:30 after perhaps four and a half hours' sleep. At least this term I only have to do the 5:30 start once a week. And in fact it won't be a bad thing when in September I have to do it twice. I need the work.

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I do seem to have rather interesting pupils. This last one is a physicist who lives almost next door. She's new to the guitar but has started very well.  I also have a couple of barely endurable brats amongst my younger pupils, but hey, nobody said life would be perfect. And, in any case, I'm sure the parents wouldn't have wanted to throw them away in the bin, although, given the warning in this wheelie bin or dumpster as I think they call them over the other side, maybe people in some parts do!

No energy left...