May 25th, 2011

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another wednesday

 Watching the Prez and the Prime Minister frying hamburgers for veteran soldiers on BBC News. I suppose this is the 21st century's equivalent of hugging babies.....

Watching that while taking apart my iMac -when I upgraded the hard disk to a 2TB one a few months ago (and a very good idea that was) I accidentally disconnected the microphone cable. Fiddly little connector which wouldn't stay attached. Doing that again today took an hour and a half of my life.  Seems to be working now, though.

Ok, maybe off to the gym, I think I have time to do this before next lesson.

What a lovely sunny day!

drifting through the seas of being...

Lessons done, gym done -the latter just cross-trainer and bicycle and shoulder-press thing, no weighted machines as I still have that back-ache from yesterday. . Now for dinner -arepas and some scrambled eggs with salmon (which I'd forgotten I'd bought and is approaching the don't-eat-by-this-date date....)

Some guitar practice, too, in between bits of reading one of [profile] grrm's 'Ice and Fire' books.

And a lovely sunset taking place outside my window.
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