June 21st, 2011

flav has  left the chat

tovarich livejournal

 Was having a (rare) peek at my other journal's  (one that I keep in Spanish) friends page. This one ('flavius_m')  is a 'permanent' one, which means at some point I gave Livejournal a lump of money for the privilege, something approaching eighty or a hundred quid, I seem to remember. The other one is a, what do they call them, sponsored or something account. One with ads..  So you get ads, which is fair enough. But now they're putting long video ads on a superimposed window which you can't dismiss and which comes up in spite of the pop-up block setting. This commercial presentation goes on for something like 25 seconds, the only thing you seem to be able to do is to close the page altogether or move to another tab and set the computer to silent. That is a bit annoying, just that little bit too intrusive. Is there any other way of dealing with this which I may have missed?