June 27th, 2011

dreamscape sepia


For the first time ever -or, at any rate, for the first time in time immemorial, I went to a swimming pool today. Was going to the gym and the reception attendant asked, as they always do, "gym or swim?" and I thought... well, one of the reasons I joined the KT Sports Centre was the pool. And it was the perfect day for that, with supposedly 31ºC outside in London.

Hardly ever -or never, really, had swum in a pool before and had been quite embarrassed to go to the swimming pool; for one thing, the spectacle of flavio in a swim suit is something the world can do without. And flavio floundering about in the, ahem, style I  learnt when at age 7 my father thew me in the water -ok, in the Caribbean, and salt water holds you better and it was quite safe really even if it didn't feel like that at the time- saying 'ok, now you float or you die'. Well, he probably didn't say that but that's what I clearly remember.

I enjoyed it enormously, as well as discovering, after a year going to that gym, exactly how unfit I still am. Won't tell the embarrassing tale of how many lengths did or didn't,  but it was enormous fun. And, they don't play the horrid trash music at full blast  they play in the gym upstairs. Will do that more often, I think.