August 1st, 2011


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Right... good week-end, with a local rock band night on Friday (only went as a friend was headlining, but I'm glad I did) and the fab Hampstead Alternative Picnic V3 on Saturday (there's pics on facebook now).

Unfortunately I came back from said picnic with a bad case of backache which is refusing to go away. Wanted to go to the pool and as soon as I tried to swim had a stabbing pain in my back so had to make do with floating around a bit in a sort of tame, literally lame back-stroke. It still was good to be in the water and it probably did help my back to float when I could but couldn't swim... oh well.

Hope it goes or I'll have to go to the doctor's; I never get back pains so have no idea what I may have done....

Pics of the picnic here

Pics of Catfight and Casino 13's gig here

Some very rough footage of samara_666 with Casino 13, here.