August 23rd, 2011


The spell in Glaurung's yellow eyes

Have spent the day in the house, with a sneezing streaming cold, mostly reading -Tolkien's (and son's, I suppose) 'Children of Hurin '. Maybe not the most cheerful reading for a gloomy rainy day when I'm cooped up indoors with a bad cold. It is a grim, grim book -and of course I knew the story of Turin Turambar, it is in the LotR and the Silmarillion but even so.. it is a grim, grim book -not a bad one, but one without the light comedic relief often found in LotR . And Turin feels a little bit like John Lennon (enormous differences notwithstanding): a character one feels very sympathetic towards and sorry for his fate, but at the same time feels that he would not be your friend and you would not want to meet him in real life.