August 24th, 2011

swedish chef

cooking with flavio, part 34325 of many

Today's very small endeavour is a simple pasta sauce, to get rid of those tinned tomatoes just about to go out of date, and that chopped onion, garlic and red pepper that got left over from Friday's dinner for Clive and Judy. So, what flavio does is to make a sofrito with the garlic and the onion and the pepper plus salt, pepper etc, in half-olive oil half sunflower oil until garlic & co look more or less golden (what a pretentious way of describing this, innit), then add the tinned tomatoes if they don't look too suspicious, some dry porcini mushrooms that I bought in a moment of insanity and put the lot to simmer until I realise it's been on the hob way too long and it may have burned. Ok, so it hadn't. Then add some chopped fresh basil and whatever herbs there might be kicking around in the kitchen, some of that cacciocavallo siciliano cheese (grated, of course) that I bought by mistake thinking it might be like cacciocavallo, simmer some more and, done, that's it. If I haven't burned the flat down, by the end of it will add a few more sprigs of basil and that's that...