September 10th, 2011


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So, no gym/swim today as I had to tidy the flat up and await for a friend's visit later. Well, the same friend who called a couple of days ago at the time I was expecting her, to apologise for not turning up as she was too sleepless and hung over. Let's see whether she actually makes it this time and I get to see her before she transplants herself to distant foreign shores.

Apart from that, making another edition of the famed (or is it infamous) flavio pasta sauce for the week, as I used to do when I was poor (because I'm not poor now..?). Cheating: I find that tinned tomatoes work much better for this than real ones. Or at least it doesn't take half a day's simmering for them to get to become flavio's pasta sauce. I may have gone a bit hard on the pepper (both kinds). Lots of garlic and basil too. I never put chilli in it as I normally don't like hot spicy food, but may like to try that next time as I've noticed my taste of those things seems to have changed.

Won't be able to make Reptile tonight. Too skint, the expected picking up of work hasn't happened yet. Shame, I would have liked to go. Hopefully next month...
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god has a plan for you, Gaius.

Robots conversation ends in argument between them

It's kind of a relief, in a way. Proto-cylons don't see eye to eye amongst themselves. There may be many copies, but they do not have a plan. The Earth is safe from a killer robot invasion for now. Zombie apocalypses might be another matter.

'Chatbot' conversation ends in argument

Two graduate students explain why the chatbot avatars they have created do not get along.

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