September 21st, 2011


Facebook keeping getting better and other lies - and a day in the life..

Well, today I got up at 5:30, as I will twice a week (and once a week at 6:annabit) for the foreseeable. Second day of school was quite good, although for some reason they gave me rather few pupils this year. So I came back home in time (just!) to go to the gym, do some 40 min of cross trainer and a couple of other things, go to the swimming pool and get from one side to the other and back again a few times, then run to my next lesson. And then my two lessons for this evening both cancelled. 

So, it was looking like rather a good day until I checked Facebook. What a horrid mess. Found a temporary run-around by switching the main language to Spanish, which brings it back to how it was this morning -just a bit horrid instead of comprehensively horrid and with the Better Facebook extension helping make sense of it. Which doesn't work in the New Facebook, but did once I switched to Spanish. Of course, the Fantastic Improvements in User Experience will reach there shortly, but in the meantime I only have to learn what the menus mean. In my native language...

So, unexpectedly free evening, but no money to do anything. Looks like I'll have to read, then *. Or, perish the thought, watch telly. But there would only be telly on it so not worth it...

* Currently reading: 'The Greates Show on Earth', by Richard Dawkins. And some science fiction by Poul Anderson.