September 30th, 2011



Back from the swimming pool at Oasis Sports Centre. Nice time, although the pool was a bit hectic and feels much smaller and crowded than the Kentish Town one. It's nice to swim out of doors under the blue sky on a day like this, though. Must be much better to swim in the late evening under the stars, must try that -of course, there is the little inconvenient that you never see stars in London, but never mind. There seems to be a much higher incidence of beautiful women at Oasis, as well as more older women and seemingly gay men. And children -there isn't a separate children's pool so it is also full of mums with kids.

The changing room is a nightmare, a rather hectic one, I like my privacy and in that place there is none whatsoever.

I liked being able to sit by the pool after and answer emails and read (another Poul Anderson sci-fi book).

I may go back but I suspect I'll still go to Kentish Town far more often.