November 21st, 2011


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Sister + friend now gone home, life slowly going back to what passes for 'normal' around here. Went to no clubs, missed Alterred's gig last Friday -and it looks like I cannot make the next one either.. and everything that happened on Saturday except for Libby's birthday in Quinn's on Saturday. That was a nice gathering, with a select group of lovely people. Sunday was busybusybusy, with six lessons. Today I went to the gym for the first time in nearly two weeks.. it wasn't as bad as I feared.. but it wasn't very good either...

Still re-reading the same book, 'Anathem' by Neal Stephenson. First time I do this in many years: re-read a book right after I finish. Had tried 'Snow Crash' by the same author and had to drop it, at least for now; just wasn't getting on with it.

Tomorrow, 5:30 am start. I'll never get used to that.