November 30th, 2011


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After a long, long day I'm at the local pub, the Pineapple in one of the backstreets here in KT, on my own -which is a strange experience for me, I never go alone in a pub, this must be the first time in many years. The Dev doesn't count in that tally because there always was someone I knew at the Dev. But the Dev is no more. It's lively here but don't know anybody. It's a strange experience.

Have spent the last couple of hours teaching, first, an eighteen year old girl old Rolling Stones' covers of Robert Johnson songs and, later, another eighteen year old girl to play much, much older Vivaldi. I earn a fraction of what most people in my flist do, but there are simple experiences that are, worth more than money. Having said that, there're bills to pay...

Curiously, tough, the Robert Johnson song left me in a sort of melancholy mood which, like a storm that you feel in your bones and your skin before it breaks, I have been feeling coming for a few days.. it's hard to tell, it's hard to tell...

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